Monday, October 26, 2009

Umm.. update?

Wow, I can not believe how long ago I did this! I think I may have forgotten how to do it! haha. I do not even know where to start, or what to start with. Our life has been going awesome. Luke is growing like crazy, I can not believe everything he is learning! He is three now, and had a really fun pirate birthday party back in June! haha. He looks so handsome, and we cut off all of his curls! I cried, but I guess it was time. Now that it is cooler I think we will let it grow out some. I would like that! Charlie is also getting big. Of course, that is how it goes! She is a big 13 months now! Wow! I swear her growing has went so much faster than Luke's ever did! She had a princess party for her 1st birthday! She looked so precious, I will never forget it. Something about dressing your little girl up like a princess... it was great! We are getting over sickness right now... both the babies have had swine flu. It is some rough stuff that is for sure! Poor babies I felt horrible! I think they are finally on the down slope now though. Thankfully. Last but not least some great news this morning. We are adding a new addition to our family! We will be adding baby number three in not too long!! Guessing another June baby, or maybe July we don't know for sure yet. Well, I will try and update some pictures and stuff, and try to keep this blog updated so it will be more fun!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sunday Feb 8th, 2009

We spent this past Sunday at Jason and Summer Rodrigues house. Luke is finally warming up to their boys Cayden and Ty. It is so cute to watch him play with his friends! We barbequed and watched the kids play outside. They have a really nice playset in their back yard... it is like a park!! :) They also had a big blow up air jump! Luke has never played in one before... and at first he did not want to go by hiself. Daddy had fun playing with him too! I am going to post a video of Luke and Ty, because it is so cute of course! Ty is making Luke laugh really hard! This went on for a long time!

Trip to the Zoo Feb 6th, 2009

This was Luke's first trip to the zoo. He had a blast! We went with Britni, Braxton, and Shelby. Braxton is about 3 months younger than Luke, and Shelby is about 6 weeks older than Charlie. They get along really well. It is so cute to watch them play! They loved looking at all the animals, and climbing on the fences! haha. They also really enjoyed playing on the slide, and riding the train!! It was a day filled with fun and BEAUTIFUL weather! It was in the 70's... in Febuary! It has been so nice since the beginning of the month. This was also our first time to get pictures of Shelby and Charlie together! They did so good, except they would not both smile at the same time. Hey, but for their age they did a really good job! I think I can say that Britni and I were both very pleased! :)

Trip to the Park with Mom

I decided to take Luke up to the park in our neighboor hood because he was kinda going crazy! :) I didn't think that it was really that long of a walk up there... but man I got a really good workout!! Then we ran around the park for a while and walked all the way home. Well, I walked. Luke and Charlie had the comfort of riding in the stroller! :) I need to try doing that MORE! Luke was so cute! I had the camera and he would go and pose and say... "Mom, take the picture, Mom!" It was also a lot colder than we thought and he kept telling me "No, I's told mom stay here!" He is just too much sometimes! :)

Superbowl Sunday!!

We spent Superbowl Sunday at the Rodrigue's house. These are some pictures made with her awesome camera!! My favorite is the one of me and Charlie in the antique color!! We had fun. Luke loved playing outside with the boys on the big playset!!

Our BIG Boy!!

And this is our BIG boy Luke!! He tells Charlie all the time... "No Luke's a BIG boy CHAREE!!" He is two and a half right now... and FULL of energy!! He is talking so much more, and it is the cutest thing ever. It melts your heart every time he does something new. I took this picture before church. I love him in his Sunday clothes!! It is just too adorable. Luke is also a very calm and caring little boy. He always cares about how you are feeling and always wants hugs. He loves to snuggle... and Mom is very happy about that!! He is growing up way too fast, even faster since Charlie has arrived. I guess that is just how it goes.

Our Baby Girl

This is our baby girl Charlie Jo Jones. She was about two months in these pictures and is now 5 months!! I can't believe she is already that big! She was born September 11th, 2008. She has brought such happiness into our family. She is very calm and relaxed, ALL the time. She is such an easy going baby, she loves to be held and have loves!! I thought I had it easy when Luke was little! :) She is always smiling... and we are trying to get her first real laugh! She has chuckled a little but that is about it! Mom takes way too many pictures of her! :)